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Hurricane Preparedness in Beauregard Parish

Hurricane Preparedness in Beauregard Parish

By Keith Hawkins, County Agent

             Even though we have several months before hurricane season, Beauregard Parish residents should still prepare for a hurricane event well before another Rita-clone arrives here. The LSU Agcenter has Disaster Information Resources to help citizens prepare for a hurricane before it arrives and after it leaves.

Most of this information is for homeowners, both rural and town. Here is a listing of handouts and booklets available at no charge:

  1. Replacing Important Papers,
  2. Navigating Post-Disaster Mortgage Issues,
  3. Cleaning Flood-Damaged Homes,
  4. Filing Insurance Claims,
  5. Good News about Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy,
  6. Mold Removal Guidelines for Your Flooded Home,
  7. Storm Recovery Guide for Homeowners (a booklet), and
  8. After the Storm, A Guide to Help Children Cope with the Psychological Effects of a Hurricane (a booklet)
  9. Dealing with Storm-Damaged Trees in the Landscape, and
  10. Operating a Chainsaw Safely.

Another part of addressing hurricane issues in rural parts of the Parish is how to care for livestock animals. The LSU AgCenter has specific information to help livestock owners:

  1. Water Requirements and Safety for Cattle Following a Disaster,
  2. Feeding Cattle Following a Disaster,
  3. Disaster Readiness for Horse Owners, and
  4. Disaster Readiness for Goat and Sheep Producers.

All of the documents in listed in this article are stocked ready for handing out to Beauregard Parish citizens at the AgCenter office in DeRidder at 203 West Third Street, across the street from the Beauregard Parish School Board. More information is also accessible online at  Feel free to call our office at 463-7006 or email Keith Hawkins, County Agent, at

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