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SW LA Forestry Association Board Meeting – April 22, 2015

SWLAFA Board Meeting – April 22, 2015


Attendees: Keith Hawkins, David Meaux, George Crain, George Giltner, Jeff Peterson, and Harvey Kieffer.

David Meaux stepped up to President to conduct the meeting in the absence of Dick Meaux who was still recovering  from health issues.

Two members of the board are retiring from their positions, Dick Meaux, President, and George Crain, Treasurer.  George Crain received a Burl Pin from David Meaux for his many years of service to the Forestry Associations that he has served with.

Treasurer’s report:  The present total was $3967.50.  Future checks were approved for 2 teachers to attend the annual Forestry Teachers Tour at a cost of $800.  Jackie Cantrell and Debbie Callaway of Pinewood Elementary will represent our forestry association.  Also a $500 contribution to the Beauregard LSU AgCenter was approved.

A critique of the 2015 meeting, and planning for next year’s agenda were discussed.  The War Memorial Civic Center was selected as the site for the 2016 Annual meeting. A topic discussed was invasive weed control.  Keith suggested having a weed scientist as a main speaker.  A second topic was forest invasive insects like the emerald ash borer.

Forest stumpage prices were discussed along with all the variables that have to be considered in pricing.  Keith provided a website as a global guide,

The next SWLAFA Board Meeting will be August 5 at the War Memorial Civic Center, in the Gun Room, at 0900.  David Meaux will review the election of officers based on By-Laws.  David will also report on the tax exemption legal work of the organization that he has been engaged with.

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Making $$ from Timber


Making $$ from Timber

Keith Hawkins, Area Extension Forester

             A few summers ago, a forest landowner called me to look at a bark beetle infestation. The good news was that the “bug” spot was inactive and was not spreading. It has some dead trees, and dark green trees close by. If it had been a “hot” bug spot, there would have been dead brown trees, then yellow trees, then light green trees, and then dark green trees.  The gradual change in needle colors would indicate that the bark beetles would be spreading.

While I was visiting with the landowner, he shared with me that he received an unsolicited offer to buy his timber. Fortunately, he declined the offer, and if he had accepted the offer, I suspect that he would have lost a lot of money.

During years of service forestry, I have learned that unsolicited bids to buy timber tend to be low, about 10 to 25 cents on the dollar. Most landowners do not sell enough timber to know how to realize the best price for their timber.  How does a landowner protect his interest in this kind of transaction?

A timber sale is a type of real estate transaction and requires professional assistance. The best professional for this job is a consulting forester who is paid a percentage of the gross receipts, usually about ten percent. A study in Georgia found that landowners, who use a consultant, on average, earn 60% more than landowners who do not.

A consulting forester will take an inventory of the volume of your timber and the kinds of products such as pulpwood or sawtimber. The consultant will obtain competitive bids from timber buyers for the best price. A consulting forester may be able to oversee the timber harvest to enforce the sale contract. Normally, a consultant offers many timber and land management services in addition to selling timber. For example, a forester will assist with reforestation of cutover land.

Your local LDAF office has a listing of consulting foresters serving the state of Louisiana.

SUMMARY: If you own timberland, DO NOT accept any unsolicited offers to buy your timber because the offer will likely be much lower than the actual market value. DO use a consulting forester to inventory your timber stand and to administer your sale contract. A listing of consulting foresters is available from the Louisiana Department of Forestry. Your nearest Extension forester will also have access to a listing of consulting foresters. If you have questions, you can contact Keith Hawkins at 337-463-7006 or at

SIGN-UP: To receive regular email updates about forestry issues, send your request to the email address above.

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2015 SW LA Forestry Association Annual Meeting & AgCenter Forestry Forum


2015 SW LA Forestry Association Annual Meeting & AgCenter Forestry Forum

Saturday March 14, 2015 

8:00 am to 1:30 pm

   Exhibition Hall Beauregard Parish Fairgrounds

506 West Drive, DeRidder, LA 70634

8:00 am      Sign In and Registration

8:30 am      Welcome – Dick Meaux & Keith Hawkins

                       Invocation —

                       Pledge of Allegiance – Shorty Crain

8:45 am      USDA NRCS Update – Corby Moore

 9:15 am      LDAF Update — TBA

 10:00 am    Break

 10:15 am    Feral Hog Control Update – Glen Gentry 

 11:00 am    Business Climate for Forestry in Louisiana — Shaun Tanger

 11:15 am    How the LA Forest Products Development Center Helps Forest Landowners – Todd Shupe

11:30 am    Issues Affecting Forestry in     Louisiana – C. A. “Buck” Vandersteen

12:00 pm   Questions and Evaluations and Door prizes

12:15 am    Lunch – provided


Mr. Dick Meaux – President – SW LA Forestry Association

Mr. George “Shorty” Crain – Treasurer – SW LA Forestry Association

Dr. Shaun Tanger – Forest Economist – LSU AgCenter   

Dr. Todd Shupe – Professor – Louisiana                    Forest Products Development Center.                

Dr. Glen Gentry – Assistant Professor – LSU AgCenter

Mr. Corby Moore – District Conservationist – USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

 Mr. Buck Vandersteen – Executive Director –

Louisiana Forestry Association

For more information, contact Keith Hawkins, SW Extension Forester, at 337-463-7006, .

Registration Form

The registration fee is $25 per family. A family is a husband and wife and dependents. Deadline to register is Monday, March 9.

 Detach and mail form to:

Keith Hawkins, LSU AgCenter

PO Box 609

DeRidder, LA 70634

 Make checks payable to: SW LA Forestry Association.








State_________ Zip_________________






# attending ___________


Amount Enclosed: $_________________

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.

 If you have a disability which requires special assistance in this program contact Keith Hawkins at (337) 463-7006 at least 3 days prior to this event.

 Directions to Beauregard Parish Fairgrounds in DeRidder, LA:

 From Lake Charles:

  • North on Highway 171.
  • West on West Drive.
  • Exhibition Hall on north side of the street.


  • From Alexandria:
  • West on Highway 28
  • South on Highway 171.
  • West on West Drive.
  • Exhibition Hall on north side of the street.

Upcoming Events

 Beauregard Parish Private Pesticide Applicator RECERTIFICATION Training. Mon. Mar. 30th, 1 pm & 7 pm, War Mem. Civic Center, DeRidder, LA

International Forest Company Tour. Sat., Mar. 28, 9 AM until 12 noon, 23194 Hwy 111, Evans, LA

FERAL HOG MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP, Sat. Apr. 11th, 9 AM – 12 Noon, War Mem. Civic Center

Prescribed Burning Workshop. Thur. (8 AM – 4:30 PM), Fri. (8 AM – 4:30 PM), Sat. (8 AM – 12 Noon), May 7, 8 & 9, War Mem. Civic Center.

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Drones for Forest Landowners


Drones for Forest Landowners

By George Giltner

 One of the newest evolving gadgets for farmers is camera drones. The technology has recently changed into “smart” flying cameras that offer a multitude of uses. Even a first glace at a one of these visual choppers scares off many potential users, but the flying has been greatly simplified and is reportedly fun to operate. A quick search on the internet yields numerous videos of instructions, flight trials, and aerial views that seeds landowner’s usage.

drone pic

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter

Forest landowners need close aerial, visual information. For example – When smoke is in the air, a quick flight of a 20 minute battery operated flying camera could spot the location and extent of a local fire.  Then response time could be minimized to reduce damage and intensity.  With state fire teams stretched to extremely low numbers, a quick response by local landowners equipped with plows, sprayers, and rakes could put out initial small fires.


The eye in the sky can also observe suspicious activity. Trespassers, illegal hunters, parked cars around the property boundary, nearby logging operations, etc. can be viewed without risk and the effort of time.  These cameras can range to 300 yards.  Also they can be fitted with wide angle to narrow vision lens.

Some four-legged animals can really be a pest around a tree farm. Feral hogs, loose cows from a busted fence, coyotes, and even deer can be located easily from an above live camera video feed to an iPhone attached to the flight controller.  On the ground this would be impossible, as bushes just a few yards away can hide a piney woods rooter.  However, you would not want to launch a Quadcopter around trees, especially in winds.

Your investment for a good camera system is usually beyond $1000, therefore having it hung up 100 feet into a Longleaf pine, and then dropping to ground would be a disaster. A cleared out loading zone is ideal for launches and retrievals.  If you drop the controller and the power is lost, no problem – a GPS system like the Phantom 2 goes into auto-retrieve mode and flies back to the launch site for a landing.  This also applies when the limit range is overreached.

With a high visual view, problem bug sites can be identified. Also the quickest route can be determined and saved for an up-close examination of the infection. In years of outbreaks of southern pine beetles, this can be a priceless tool for the landowner.  In two weeks time a 40 acre plot could be destroyed within two weeks time, like in the late 70’s and 80’s.

In our Louisiana woods, slews, creeks, marshes, and other obstacles make havoc of a “quick walk in the woods”. A man plowing fire lanes became lost overnight in a creek bottom as he went for a diesel can ‘just across the creek’.  Other stories were common until the age of cell phones, GPS, and updated aerial maps.

Therefore with a little investment in time and a moderate investment in technology, a modern forest manager can have an excellent tool for aerial observation and historical photography. Beyond the forest business, aerial cameras are used for outstanding photography, hobbies, security, and family fun. They are definitely worth investigating for your use.







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2015 Tree Seedling Applications Available for Louisiana


2015 Tree Seedling Applications Available


Our friends at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) have applications for ordering tree seedlings.  Many pine and hardwood species are available, including: loblolly, slash, and containerized longleaf pines, baldcypress, 10 species of oaks, and over a dozen other species of hardwoods, including some fruit and nut trees.

Specialty packets include an Arboretum packet ($40) with 50 assorted and labeled seedlings.  This packet has 16 to 25 different species of trees and shrubs. Another packet is the Wildlife Packet for $25. It includes 25 assorted and labeled seedlings with a minimum of five species for wildlife habitat improvement. Those species in the Wildlife Packet are crabapple, white oak, sawtooth oak,  red mulberry and willow oak.

Applications are available at the Beauregard, LSU AgCenter office located at 203 West Third Street across from the Beauregard Parish School Board.  Applications will be accepted beginning July 1, 2014. Some species of trees sell out quickly so place your order early to ensure delivery of your seedlings. Applications and payment must be mailed to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Baton Rouge.  Applications without full payment will be returned to sender.  Completed applications and forms will NOT be accepted at the Beauregard Parish LSU AgCenter Office.  Seedlings will be available December 15 through March 1.  For more information, contact the Beauregard Parish Extension Office at (337) 463-7006 or the local Louisiana Office of Forestry in DeRidder at (337) 463-7801 or in Oberlin at (337) 639-4978.

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Brief Photo Essay on Prescribed Burn Workshop



Brief Photo Essay On Prescribed Burn Workshop

Jimmy Earl Cooley, Master Gardener, and Keith Hawkins, SW Area Extension Forester


Dr. Niels d Hoop, LSU AgCenter, was the lead instructor of this year’s workshop.


This field exercise included a test burn.


After the test burn, the class evaluated to site and decided to burn a small area.


The field exercise included the mop-up of the burn site.


Graduates and Instructors of the 2014 Prescribed Burn Workshop in SW Louisiana.

The graduates of this year’s Prescribed Burn Workshop include, in alphabetic order:

  • Stewart Bailey
  • “Doc” Calcote
  • Joe Chaney
  • Steve Coleman
  • Douglas Dowden
  • Ashton Dupre
  • George Giltner
  • Bret Hardisty
  • Ronny Jones
  • James Love
  • Bryce Mae
  • Wendell Marcantel
  • David Meaux
  • Dick Meaux
  • Gaston Messer
  • Luke Parlier
  • Jonathon Perkins
  • Wayne Pleasant
  • Todd Strother
  • Clint Travis
  • James Turner

Instructors were Mark Davis, District Forester, LDAF, Darrell Eaves, Firefighter, LDAF, Dr. Niels de Hoop, Forestry Professor, LSU AgCenter, and Keith Hawkins, SW Area Extension Forester LSU AgCenter. Mr. Jimmy Earl Cooley was event photographer.



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SW LA Forestry Association: Rules of Association


Rules of Association

These Rules of Association, hereinafter sometimes referred to as “the Rules” or “Rules”, set forth general policies under which the organization is operated, except that any policy shall be considered void if it violates Louisiana law.


The name of this organization shall be the Southwest Louisiana Forestry Association, hereinafter sometimes referred to as “the Association”.  The Association has been formerly known as “Beauregard Forestry Association”.


The purpose of this Association shall be to serve as the “Voice of Forestry” in southwest Louisiana, and to conduct, advise, and/or assist the Area Extension Forester/County Agents concerning public affairs, communications and educational programs that will foster better forest management and utilization as well as an understanding of and appreciation for the forests and forest-based industries of southwest Louisiana.


Section 1: Membership – Any person, firm, corporation, association or organization engaged or interested in the ownership, production, consumption or conservation of timber and forest products shall be eligible for membership in the Association, in accordance with rules adopted by the Board (as defined below in Article IV and hereinafter sometimes referred to as “the Board”).

Section 2: Privileges – Each person, including firms, corporations, associations or organizations, shall have one vote.

Section 3: Dues – The initial membership fee will be $25.00 per household.  Annual Association dues shall be set by the Board and collected at the annual meeting.  Upon payment of the initial membership fee, a member shall become liable for any subsequent Annual Association dues and shall further have access to all Association privileges, as stated in the Rules.  These privileges shall continue upon continued payment of Annual Association dues.


Section 1: The Association shall be governed by the Board which shall be comprised of twelve (12) individuals of majority age and legal capacity, holding a vested interest in the forestry industry of southwest Louisiana.

Section 2: Members of the Board shall be nominated and elected via majority vote of the attending members at the annual meeting.  Board members shall serve on the Board until voluntary or tacit resignation.  Upon vacation of a Board position, the board member shall be replaced as described herein.

Section 3: The Board shall act upon all business of the Association arising between annual meetings.

Section 4: The Board shall meet at least twice a year or as often as is necessary.   The President or participating Area Extension Forester/County Agent (as defined below in Article VIII and hereinafter sometimes referred to as “Area Extension Forester/County Agent”), as needed, may call special meetings of the Board.  In the case of all meetings, notice of time and place shall be given.

Section 5: Board members in attendance at any meeting of the Board shall constitute a QUORUM.

Section 6: All Officers and Board members shall be dues paying members of the Association.


Section 1: The Officers shall include President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Their term of office shall be for two years.  Nothing shall prevent an incumbent being nominated or approved to serve consecutive or non-consecutive terms in any office.

Section 2: The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be nominated by the Area Extension Forester/County Agent and/or any sitting Board member and then approved via majority vote of the Board.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board.  The President can form committees and appoint chairmen as needed and shall sign all contracts authorized by the board and on behalf of the Association.  In the absence of the President, one of the other present officers shall preside.


Section 1: The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings; maintain a file of all correspondence, committee reports and any records of historical value; and send out notices of meetings.

Section 2: The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds, keep records of receipts and disbursements, and account for expenditures and income to the Board and membership; and in general perform those duties customarily associated with the position of Treasurer.  All checks issued shall require the signature of either the President or the Treasurer.


The Participating Area Extension Forester/County Agent may arrange for the scheduling and location of all meetings of the Association and of the Board and shall maintain current membership rolls.  The Area Extension Forester/County Agent may provide an agenda for all meetings of the Association and of the Board and may arrange for speakers, industry professionals, etc. to address topics as chosen by the Board for instructional workshops, annual meetings, etc.


Section 1: The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held at the discretion of the Board and/or Area Extension Forester/County Agent.  Notice of said meeting shall be given to the membership at least THIRTY (30) DAYS prior to said meeting.

Section 2: Special meetings may be called by action of the Board provided the membership is given one week written notice.

Section 3: Thirty percent (30%) or twenty-five (25) of the current paid members constitute a quorum at any meeting.


Section 1: Amendments to the Rules may be made by a majority affirmative vote of all the members present at any annual meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose provided that 1) the members present constitute a quorum as defined herein and 2) written notice of such meeting shall include a copy of the proposed amendment.

Section 2: The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.


This Association shall not, as an association, give public support to any political candidate for office, nor shall it take a stand on any matter not pertaining to the purpose and objectives of the Association.


Section 1: The Association shall indemnify and hold harmless each Board Member and Officer, past and present, serving the Association from and against any and all claims and liabilities to which he may be or become subject by reason of his past, present, or future position of Board Member or Officer of the Association and/or by reason of his alleged act or omission, as such Board Member or Officer, whether or not he continues to be such Board Member or Officer at the time when any such claim or liability is asserted, and shall reimburse each such Board Member and Officer for all legal and other expenses reasonably incurred by him in conjunction with defending any or all such claims of liability, including amounts paid or agreed to be paid before formal judgment with approval of the Board, whether or not he continues to be such Board Member or Officer at the time such expenses are incurred.  However, no Board Member or Officer shall be indemnified against any claim or liability arising out of his own negligence or willful misconduct or shall be indemnified against or reimbursed for any expenses incurred in defending any or all such claims liability or in settling the same unless in the judgment of the Board , the Board Member or Officer against whom such claim or liability or in settling the same unless :in the judgment of the Board , the Board Member or Officer against whom such claim or liability is asserted has not been guilty of negligence or willful misconduct.  The foregoing Right of Indemnification shall not be exclusive of other rights to which any Board Member or Officer may be entitled as a matter of law.

Revised and adopted

March, 2014

Annual Meeting

Bobbie Giltner, Secretary

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