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Mayhaws: Quality over Quantity

Mayhaws: Quality over Quantity

Anyone bothering to take the time to read this blog is probably someone  who agrees that the mayhaw fruit/flavor/jelly, etc. is a unique, premium food item. It may be correctly identified as a gourmet quality product. As such, it should be handled and processed using the highest quality standards to insure the highest quality product is achieved.

James Eaves

James Eaves with his award winning jellies and syrup taking first place in 2014 at the Beauregard Parish Fair.

Today, we have more efficient tools and methods to attain this higher level of quality. As stated earlier in this newsletter, higher quality trees are now available, producing higher quality fruit,  which equates to a higher quality juice.

The quality of the product you produce depends on the quality of the juice you derive from your fruit. That’s pretty much what it boils down to (pun intended). Today we have advanced steamers, refractometers, fruit presses and other devices to expertly extract and measure the quality of what we are extracting.


Refractometer / Brix meter used to measure the brix or sugar content of fruit juice.

The higher the brix level is, the higher the level of dissolved sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other good stuff your juice has to make your product taste better and be better for you. So, like James pictured above, imagine your product is being judged each time a jar is opened. Will you win the blue ribbon?

Mr. James Eaves grow mayhaws in Beauregard Parish and discovered the “Maxine” mayhaw variety.






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