Overview & History of Beauregard Master Gardener Demonstration Garden





Overview and History

Beauregard Master Gardeners

Demonstration Gardens

 By:  Jimmy Earl Cooley, Master Gardener

The Demonstration Gardens is located on the Beauregard Parish Fairgrounds property in DeRidder and maintained by the Beauregard Parish Master Gardeners

These sustainable gardens demonstrate what the homeowner in Beauregard Parish can do on his/her own property with minimal effort and a high probability of success, considering local climate, soil, and pests. The Master Gardeners grow vegetables and other plants; maintain the gardens and provide tours of the gardens.   They also have special events for groups of children in the Children’s’ Garden.  Master Gardeners work in the gardens on a regular basis, while also having special “work days” that are planned to address specific areas.  Come watch, and ask questions, or schedule a guided tour of the gardens by contacting any Master Gardener.

With permission from the Beauregard Parish Fair Board, the Master Gardeners are using approximately one half acre of land.  The area is divided into 14 small gardens or specialized areas, each with a different theme.

  • Children’s Garden
  • Butterfly garden
  • Blueberry Patch
  • Muscadine Arbor
  • Arbor Garden
  • Compost Bens (to include Vermi-composting)
  • In ground vegetable gardens
  • Corn Patch
  • Sweet Potato Patch
  • Organic Garden
  • Raised Bed Area
  • Blackberry Patch
  • Fruit Orchard
  • Rose Garden
  • IMG_0988

    Rose Garden at the Demonstration Garden

There are plans to add three additional garden areas in the near future —  a Strawberry Garden, Herb Garden and a “Mittleider Gardening” area.

The Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens support a variety of educational purposes including:

  • Use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to minimizing environmental impact.
  • Participation in LSU AgCenter activities and events to broadly contact parish residents, including children.
  • Plant identification signs to identify specific plants and garden areas.
  • Cooperative efforts with the Beauregard Parish Fair Board and grounds.
  • Site visits for garden clubs and other organizations.
  • Continuing education for Master Gardeners through hands-on activities following recommendations of the LSU AgCenter.
  • IMG_0990

    Eastern bluebird residing at the Demonstration Garden.


  • July 19, 2009 – Local Group Starts Master Gardener Program in Beauregard Parish.
  • July 22, 2009 – Met with Mayor on starting community garden in DeRidder and Demonstration Garden at Fairgrounds
  • August 6, 2009 – Met with Beauregard Parish Fair Board for permission to put a demo garden on the fairgrounds property. Chose site for Demo Garden. Complete Underground Object study.
  • September 2009 Complete Water Supply to Demo Garden, Thanks to Mayor Roberts.
  • Gary Crowe Plowed the first garden.
  • Demo Garden Sign –Rex Brumley
  • Soil analysis of Demo Garden
  • Added nutrient per analysis
  • September 2009 – First Garden – Planted Greens Sept 2009.
  • July 2011 Organic Garden –George Giltner started
  • April 2013 – Additional City water hookup and irrigation system installed in garden.
  • April 2013 – Developed a Five-Year Plan to modify and enlarge garden to 10 areas and presented this to the Fair Board.
  • 2012-2014
    • Organic Garden planted
    • Composting Facility Built
    • Soil Trials
    • Container Gardening Demonstrated
    • Rose Garden Installed
    • Muscadine Arbor Built
    • Blackberry Patch/Arbor Planted/Built
    • Raised Bed Garden Area
    • Children’s Garden
    • Butterfly Garden
    • Blueberry Patch
    • Fruit Orchard
    • Arbor Gardening Demonstrated
    • Added Tool Shed & storage area behind it
    • Installed underground Irrigation System to supply water throughout the gardens
    • Areas along back fencing repaired and cleared
    • October, 2014 – Installed French Drain System to divert rainwater from the Exhibit Building

Vegetables from the gardens are often donated to the Council on Aging.


Special Thanks to the Beauregard Parish Fair Board for allowing the Master Gardeners to continue to maintain the Demonstration Gardens on site and for supporting our mission:


Beauregard Master Gardeners will provide an area in Beauregard Parish to demonstrate to others how to grow vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants for home use, and how to maintain a garden.  We will produce healthy, nutritious food as we teach and share with others.  We will provide a learning environment where we help each other and enjoy each other’s company to include attractive surroundings that are a safe and comfortable.  We will be good stewards of the land that we occupy by improving and repairing as needed. 


We will work with nature and the soil to provide healthy food and beautiful plants as we learn and teach others about the future of gardening.


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