Inspection of Hives on Saturday, May 17 th, 2014


Inspection of JEC’s Bee Hives on Saturday May 17, 2014

Banks Hive 1

One Brood Box with 10 frames on bottom with inner cover and top.

This is split swarm from Ronnie Banks house.   Only 12 bees around hive now, one roach, several small ants, basically empty. Need bees and queen for this hive.

Hebert Hive

One Brood Box on bottom and one brood box on top. Ten frames each.

Calm bees, working hard, three frames in top box full, all frames in bottom box full of bees, working well.

Shirley Hive

One brood box on bottom and one brood box on top.

Bees all working, Bottom box full of bees. Top box 75 % so added super to top brood box. Tallow blooms are not quite open yet.

Banks 2 Hive

Calm bees, but not a lot. This is second of swarm from Ronnie Banks House.

Have only one brood box with inner and top lid. Only 8 frames in box need to add two more frames.

Carollyn Hive

Calm bees, one brood box about 50 percent full. Put inner and outer cover on lower brood box. Working bees.


Much Obliged  

Jimmy Earl 

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