SWLAFA Board Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2013

SWLAFA Board Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2013 – Wednesday 0900 to 1030 hours

Recorded by George Giltner substituting for Bobbie Giltner, Secretary

Board members in attendance:  Richard Meaux, David Meaux, Harvey Kieffer, Dr. Joe Bruce, George “Shorty” Crain, Paul Stone, and George Giltner.  Keith Hawkins, Chair of LSU AgCenter (Beauregard) Extension Service was absent due to an out of state Service Conference/Award Presentation.

Dr. Joe Bruce moved to approve minutes after their review.  It was seconded by David Meaux.

The board offered “Get Well” wishes to our secretary, Bobbie Giltner, who has recently had a bad fall and health issues.  She was missed by all, and the consensus of a speedy recovery was passed.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by George “Shorty” Crain.  He reported a single withdraw $250 for Keith Hawkin’s Conference Trip) since the last report.  Harvey Kieffer requested a dated Financial Report on paper for board members.  President Richard Meaux wanted the Financial Report to be separated from Keith’s Budget portion in our bank account for clarity.

New Business:  1) The board set a date of March 8, 2014 for the SWLAFA Annual Meeting in the DeRidder Exhibition Hall.  An alternate date of March 15, 2014 was selected in case of conflicting scheduling with the Exhibition Hall.  Keith Hawkins was to make reservations for this event.

2) Topics of the Annual Meeting were discussed.  Consensus was to have professional speakers (Selected/contacted by Keith Hawkins) to provide current information on the following forestry topics:
a) Regeneration Planning (procedure, cost, assistance programs, contacts, fertility issues, etc.)
b) Forestry Management during the growth cycle (fertilization, thinning, burning, disease, storm replants, etc.)
c) Sales (current market, how to make a timber sale, who to contact, markets, etc.)  Current Timber prices can be found online: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/en/environment/forestry/extension/prices/index.htm
d) Local Forest Product Industries (Location, names, and end products that are made from our timber).

3) Tax Exempt Status for the SWLAFA.  Bobbie Giltner is to look through the Secretarial Files to locate documented paperwork and a number for Tax exemption for our organization.  She is to contact David Meaux, davidcmeaux@rankwildcat.com or (337) 257-3385 of her search.  If this information is not found, then he will begin a new tax exempt process through the IRS.

4) SWLAFA Bylaws – David Meaux will rewrite and update our bylaws with a dual old/new format for the Board’s review.  He will email this document to board members before the next meeting (Nov. 6).

5) Upcoming SWLAFA Board Meeting Dates:
November 6, 2013 DeRidder AgCenter @ 0900 for Bylaws/Tax Exemption Status/Annual meeting
January 15, 2014 DeRidder AgCenter @ 0900 for Annual meeting details

Adjournment was moved by Richard Meaux, and seconded by Harvey Kieffer.


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