Bee Hive Inspection on 9-27-13 by Jimmy Earl Cooley

AgCenter letterhead

Inspection of Hebert  & Shirley Bee Hives by JEC on 9-27-13 at 10 am.

Hebert Hive – two brood boxes and one nook

Hebert Hive was opened first and found small number of beetles and hive was active but very calm.  Noted bees with yellow sacks entering hive.  Removed outer and inner cover and found little activity and found no honey, brood, or  anything.  (see photos labeled, Hebert Hive) Assume that all work is going on in lower two brood boxes to prepare for winter.  NO HONEY TO HARVEST.   No inspection of lower two brood boxes.

Hebert, Super Completely Empty

Hebert Super is completely empty of honey.

Shirley Hive —two brood boxes only,  no nook

Shirley Hive was opened and found no beetles. and lots of activity on top brood box but not much honey.  Only one full, capped honey frame, several frames with partial brood and activity.

Shirley, Only One Full Capped Honey Frame 3

Shirley hive has only one honey frame that is fully capped.

I assume they are busy preparing top brood box for wintertime.  DID NOT HAVE A SUPER ON THIS HIVE SO EXPECT NO HONEY TO HARVEST.  No inspection of lower brood box, except to look down and see activity and frames with honey and etc.  Noted lots of bridges.


Much Obliged


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