Beauregard Parish 100 Year Celebration: A Master Gardener Perspective

Beauregard Parish 100 Year Celebration: A Master Gardener Perspective

by George Giltner & Emily Shirley, Beauregard Parish Master Gardeners

It is great to be part of an MG organization that promotes good health, productivity, education, and family values.  The Beauregard Parish Police Jury had a well planned celebration ,and the public enjoyed the show.  However, it was nice to rarely escape the loud music and crowds, and to talk to visitors in the garden area.

From my view, our participation, booth, and garden were a huge success.  We presented our Ag heritage well with garden produce, a pristine summer garden and grounds,  healthy foods (even though the menu was free hotdogs and cake), and many Master Gardeners participating.  Our radio controlled “Black Widow” got the attention of passer-byes as it wiggled and jumped under the control of Mickey and Keith.  Many conversations were engaged with visitors from soil to bugs to joining MG.  We gained another 11 people for the next MG class sign-up.  The kids and parents kept me busy in the microscope/bug area of the booth – for most of the 6 hours.  Thanks to Jimmy for recording the event in pictures.  I forwarded some to family and friends.

DSCF1045 - Copy

Thanks to all the Workday volunteers for their efforts on Friday.  Wow – it looked so well kept!  Chris’s signs highlighted each garden area, the compost area was cleaned up and neat, Alan’s doors were on the shed addition and locked, the barrier fence was up, the grass was mowed and trimmed, John’s veggies for display/sale highlighted our mission, and Shirley’s professional display of MG was outstanding.  It had to be a group effort of sweat and hard work (sorry I was sick).

Merlyn and I left with a van full of 4-H birdhouses, signs, books, scopes, etc. before the fireworks display.  It was an exhausting day, but full-feeling.

Here is Emily Shirley’s response to George’s perspective:

Thank you George and Merlyn for taking the lead on Saturday and for all that the two of you did to make this event such a success.  I am sorry I had to leave a little early on Saturday to get to Houston, but the rest of you had things under control, and it sounds like everything went off well.  Master Gardeners were well represented at the booth and we had an opportunity to walk around and talk to people about the Master Gardener Program as well.  Shirley Corda’s display board looked great.  Thanks to all of the Master Gardeners that contributed to this event – from the Calling Committee, to all the Friday-workday crew, to the Saturday people, it was a good week for Beauregard Master Gardeners.

This group works so well together and we get so much done when we call for a workday.  We can’t all be there all the time, but by everyone coming when they can and contributing what they can, it works out.  We are doing great things, enjoying each other’s company, and accomplishing a lot.  These type events do keep us working to get the gardens presentable and well maintained.  The people that worked on Friday before the event, did a great job of getting all over the place and getting things in shape.  The new plants around the sign by the gate look great, the new “Children’s Garden” sign that Chris designed and installed looks great.  All the signs that Chris made for all the garden areas look great.  And I love the little pot-lady, or is she a “garden fairy?”  The giant beanstalk in the Children’s Garden looks great.  I think Allen Wells may also have some type giant beans growing in his area.  They are about 12 inches long right now.  I could not believe how much corn John was able to harvest from the “Dale & John” corn patch again.


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