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By the Numbers: Rural Land Use in Beauregard Parish

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By the Numbers: Rural Land Use in Beauregard Parish

By Brent Rutherford

Beauregard Parish Chief Assessor

& Keith Hawkins, County Agent, LSU AgCenter

            The Beauregard Parish Assessor’s Office recently provided information regarding the scope of agriculture and forestry as land uses in the Parish. Brent Rutherford, Chief Assessor, provided these data from 2012:

CLASS                        ACREAGE                  PERCENTAGE OF PARISH

Ag. Class 2            71,444.12  acres                        9%

Ag. Class 3               2,048.65 acres                     0.3%

Ag. Class 4                   110     acres                         0%

Tim. Class 1                      4    acres                         0%

Tim. Class 2         525, 263.21 acres                    70%

Tim Class  3              1,469.08 acres                    0.2%

As you can see, Ag Class 2 and Timber Class 2 is the most common.  The ranking goes by 1 as the best and 4 the worst.  The Parish does not have any Ag Class 1 or Timber Class 4 on the tax roll.

In response to your inquiry, the numbers below represent the number of assessments that have these different classifications on them.

CLASS                         # ASSESSMENTS

Ag. Class 2                             1,643

Ag. Class 3                                  23

Ag. Class 4                                    1

Tim. Class 1                                  1

Tim. Class 2                           6,481

Tim. Class 3                                29

One owner could have several assessments in these numbers and also an assessment listing might have both ag and timber listed.

There is really no way of determining just how many individuals are assessed with ag or timber land.

According to the 2012 Ag Summary published by the LSU AgCenter,  some of the various agricultural and forestry commodities have these values:

COMMODITY                                       $ VALUE

Forestry                                            $51,962,227

All other crops                                    $7,606718

All animal enterprises                      $9,659,922

We all know that Beauregard Parish is a very rural parish. The numbers supplied in this article provides insights into the essence of the parish’s rural life.

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