SWLA BEEKEEPERS ASSC. June 2013 Newsletter

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SWLA BEEKEEPERS ASSC. June 2013 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

Looks like summer is finally here. Most of us have been receiving a decent amount of rain and the weather has been mild so far this year. I hope your bees are doing well. You may have added a super or two by this time. The wild privet hedge put on a strong bloom in May and the tallow is about to start blooming at the first of June. In my area the tallow flow is the main nectar source and it is about a week behind normal.

CAUTION; Keep a close watch on your weaker hives for the small hive beetles. I have already lost three hives so far this year to the beetles. I have avoided using chemical treatments and the beetle traps that I have used are too labor intensive for the amount of beetles that I can catch in them. I think that the best defense against them is with a good queen and a healthy hive. And it may mean putting up with bees that are a little more defensive. Another caution; watch for queenless hives especially after they have swarmed. I have had trouble with virgin queens returning to the hive.

This months bee meeting will be at the civic center and will cover extracting honey. We will decap some frames and extract the honey. We may even have biscuits on hand to sample the fresh honey. This will be a hands on meeting if you care to participate if not just come and watch. It will be on Monday June,3 at 7:00pm hope to see you there.

Here are a couple of pictures (one good and one BAD). I hope you never experience the bad photo first hand!

2013 tallowtree catkins

The bloom of the Chinese tallow tree is called a catkin. When the catkin droops over, nectar flow is on, and bees get busy.

2013 SHB larvae

The larvae of the Small Hive Beetle are shown in this image. These pests will damage honeycomb and brood.


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