Hebert Bee Hive – Inspecting & Adding Food by Jimmy Earl Cooley


Hebert Bee Hive – Inspecting  & Adding Food by Jimmy Earl Cooley

I opened Hebert Hive today, 3-28-13, for quick inspection and adding food source since spring is here.  Bees were very calm and it took very little smoke to open the lid and remove the outer most two frames.  These two frames had been empty of activity on last examination but now there are bees active on frames and see closed brood cells.  Means to me that lower brood box is probably full and bees have now moved to top brood box for spring raising of new bees, so good time for adding food since they have survived through winter on only what was in the two brood boxes.  New queens will arrive in about two weeks.  Plan to put one new queen in Hebert Hive and one new queen in an empty hive, sitting close to Hebert Hive, called Shirley Hive.  Shirley Hive is all ready to accept new queen.  It has two brood boxes with 10 frames each, screen bottom, and inner and outer cover and entrance wood piece, that is now closed off.


Hebert Hive frame with brood. Photo by JEC

Also have a 5 frame hive box that intend to use to try to raise queen cell, located near the Hebert Hive.

Preleminary – Jimmys Plan,

Hebert Hive HH – 1 year old, April 12, 2013

Shirley Hive – Complete and ready for Bees and Queen.  Queen will be new one and bees will be from split of Hebert Hive.

Expect two queen bees to arrive around April 10, 2013

Place egg crete in Hebert Hive on April 5th.

On April 11th

Remove egg crete from Hebert Hive, catch queen from HH and put in egg crete. Place in queen box, remove frames (brood,polen,and etc) and place in queen box with bees.  Place food in queen box.

Shirley Hive SH – Place frames of brood, honey, pollen from HH to SH.  Place new queen in SH.  Add food and empty frames.

HH add new queen with empty frames and food.

Queen Box  QB Wait ? days and look for eggs in cups. remove cups with eggs and put on rack, put in bee box, bees will seal cups.  Place bee screen over cups to catch queen as they hatch.  Remove and add candy extension and put in new hive or sell or give to club members.

HH – once queen has been accepted – remove queen screen.

SH – once queen has been accepted – remove queen screen.

Remove old queen from egg crete and destroy or put her in another hive to start new family.
Much Obliged

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