Beauregard Parish Nutrition Advisory Committee

LSU Ag Center

Beauregard Parish

Nutrition Advisory Committee

10 a.m., March 4, 2013


Name                                                    Affiliation

Judy Guidry                                        South Beauregard High School FCS

Terrie Smith                                        BPSB

Heather Phillips                                 Council on Aging

Mary LeDoux                                      LVFC

Karen Martin                                      Health Unit

Billie Young                                         LVFC

Becky Daigle                                        LVFC

Annette Duplechin                             Beaucare

Winkie Branch                                     Beauregard Action Council

Keith Hawkins                                     LSU Ag Center

Christy Oliver                                       LSU Ag Center

Christy Oliver opened the meeting and introduced Keith Hawkins who welcomed and gave members a better understanding of the LSU Ag Center’s mission.  Members then introduced themselves and Christy Oliver discussed current programs.  Members mentioned that many teachers are teaching enrichment classes that are taking the place of traditional electives and this could be a venue to do a series of classes.

Mrs. Smith asked that Christy Oliver put together 16 packets on Smart Bodies and Body Quest and bring them to her  to distribute to administrators of the local schools.

It was mentioned that it was very important to target parents.  Areas to target were:  demonstrations, choosing and preparing fruits and vegetables, and food budgeting.

Members also mentioned that a good date to present at the grocery stores would be the 1st and 15th of the month due to SNAP and other benefits being received by participants on these dates.

Another concern for students was that they are not eating the foods that are offered on the cafeteria line.

Elderly individual concerns included:  home delivery meals (there is currently a waiting list for Council on Aging), many seniors are not cooking for themselves (especially after the death of a spouse), seniors not wanting Meals on Wheels, eating fast food, eating frozen/microwave foods, and foods with added salt and sugars.

It was mentioned that food demonstrations, incentives, and door prizes were ways to encourage participation in many programs.

Recommendation for places to hold programs in outlining areas included:  Methodist Church (Ragley), Longville Baptist, Methodist Church (Merryville) , the Old Catholic Church in East Beauregard and the Baptist Encampment in Dry Creek.

Christy Oliver thanked everyone for attending and the meeting was adjourned.


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