Beauregard Advisory Leadership Council Agenda & Notes

AgCenter letterhead

Beauregard Advisory Leadership Council Agenda & Notes

3/11/2013, 6:30 AM

  1. Introduction and thank you
    1. Attending: David Habetz, Keith Hawkins
  2. Updates:
    1. ALC members
  3. AgCenter Staffing
    1. Christy Oliver to cover Beauregard (40%) and Vernon (605) for nutrition programs.
    2. Staffing: one ANR, one 4-H agent,  40% nutrition agent and one secretary
  4. Local Support:
    1. BPPJ: 8%
    2. BPSB: 7%
    3. BPSO: $1000 per year
    4. SW LA Forestry Association:$500
    5. DeRidder: 0
    6. Local support = 16%
    7. Possible future sources: Hospital, Merryville, Beauregard Cattlemen, local grants from corporate foundations
  5. Agriculture and Forestry:
    1. Forestry Forum:
      1. 64 attendees
      2. Deer plots, NRCS programs, SPB, eucalyptus
    2. Beekeeping
      1. 3rd year
      2. March 16th: Field Day
    3. Master Gardener:
      1. January: new class started
      2. 17 enrolled
  6. New Program Ideas from Advisory Committee
    1. David Habetz was pleased that there is a new nutrition agent in Beauregard Parish.
    2. DH was concerned about the reduced number of 4-H’ers showing livestock and thought this issue was due to costs.
    3. DH was pleased that 4-H Shooting Sports has interest from youth.
    4. DH wants to maintain the current programs.
    5. Attitude of gratitude
    6. Adjourn: 6:55 pm

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