Top Ten List: Louisiana Forestry Association


Top Ten List: Louisiana Forestry Association

Keith Hawkins, Area Extension Forester

             The Louisiana Forestry Association (LFA) is a private organization which serves the interests of forest landowners and many enterprises relying on forestry for economic and environmental benefits. With apologies to David Letterman, here is a Top Ten List for joining the LFA:

10.      Sponsors of the Tree Farm Program and the Louisiana Loggers    Council.

9.        Providers of seminars and conferences to improve your knowledge of forestry.

8.        Your voice before state and federal lawmakers.

7.        Defenders against excess regulation.

6.        Source for information to get the most from your forest investment.

5.        Leaders in developing and training in Best Management Practices which protect water quality.

4.        Promoters of Sustainable Forest management.

3.        Supporters of fair competition for your forest products at home and abroad.

2.        Promoters of fair taxation for your forestry investments.

1.      Defenders of your Right to Practice Forestry.

The LFA has more information at about joining. This webpage will provide inforamtion about membership fees and a downloadable form.  For more information, call the LFA at (318) 443-2558 or Keith Hawkins, LSU AgCenter, 337-463-7006.


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