Master Gardener Journal: Planting Seeds at Greenhouse

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Planting seeds at Greenhouse, Jan 31, 2012

By Jimmy Earl Cooley, Beauregard Parish Master Gardener

      Its time to start plants in greenhouse from seeds.  See how I do it using jiffy pots, Burpee seeds, and plastic flats that hold the jiffy pots.

starting seedlings

Starting seeds for seedlings suitable for transplanting.

Diagram and notes (shown below) to show me what is planted where.  I have a florescent light above the flats that can be raised or lowered  It has five small diameter bulbs, but not growing bulbs, that I put down very close to plants.

Notes to help with seedling ID

Notes to help find the correct seedlings.

I have not found out how to grow the plants with strong short stems and good foliage, like the ones from Bonnie Plants.  The potting soil is one with a mixture of Osmacote, that I got from a dealer in Oberlin.  Insert seed in top of wet jiffy pot, press in down, and sprinkle spagnum peat moss on top of jiffy pots, spray tops with water to saturate the moss and cover with plastic transparent top.  Thought you may like to see, if not just delete and send to outer space.
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