Slinging Honey – Inagural Event

LSUAC4C72-80px[1] This blog is brought to you by the LSU AgCenter in Beauregard Parish

Yesterday I removed the upper super (per my mentor Richard Hebert) and moved the inner cover, containing a one way device inserted in inner cover hole, just above the second brood chamber and replaced the upper super and top cover.  This is supposed to allow bees under top and upper super to go into the upper brood chamber and not be able to get back into the inner cover space between it and the top.  I went back today and eureka it worked all but about a dozen bees and at least a dozen or more of hive beetles were under top lid.  So this is recommendation for this device.  I killed all the beetles in the upper super, smoked it good to remove all bees and took it to my shop to sling.  The enclosed photos show the slinging process from removing capping from upper super frames to putting the honey in jars.


Set up for honey extraction

First I set up things with newspaper on floor and decapped the frames and slung the honey from 6 frames, the two on either end did not have any honey in them, only the six in the middle.  Opened the valve in the extruder and allow honey to flow through a filter into a five gallon bucket, then opened valve in 5 gallon bucket and filled bear jars and others.  I figure I got about 3/4 gallon of wonder tasting honey.  I have got lots of sample to try.  This hive was started in April 25th of 2012.  The hive now has a top, inner cover, and two large brood boxes with base.  Will let it go now till early spring and start feeding again, I may go in to see if beetle population has increased.  Again this is my good friend Richard Hebert Hive and his recommendations.  It’s always good to have an expert beekeeper to keep us novice fumblers on the straight and narrow.  All my equipment came from Mann.


Mr. Jimmy uncapping his honey frames.


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