Beekeeping Notes, Sept 9, 2012, Jimmy Cooley

got a surprise visit from Richard Hebert on Friday.  I so appreciate his visit and inspection of my one bee hive, as he was in the area helping his brother in law bail hay.  I think he was pleased with the overall status and thought the hive was healthy and should have no problem making it through the winter with the two brood boxes do I can harvest the honey in thr top medium super and leave it off for the winter months.  I have been feeding sugar water and he suggests I stop until next spring.  I really appreciate him giving his time and expertise in examining the HEBERT

Hive, thats its name as he brought  me the swarm snd installed the bees, with queen, into the boxes.  It really helps having a beekeepers club at the LSUExtension Office in Beauregard Parish and thanks also to Keith Hawkins, our extension agent for starting and supporting the club.  I took photos of Richard examiming the hive which I will share with you real soon.  Cant wait to taste the honey from the Hebert Hive, my extractor should arrive in about a week.   Jimmy Earl Cooley

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