Summer Beekeeping Notes by Jimmy Earl Cooley


Summer Beekeeping Notes

by Jimmy Earl Cooley



July 9th, 2012

Inspected the Hebert Hive and put ½ gallon of food in the vertical feeder.  I was getting brave and did not put on all my bee suit, just the hat, veil, and long gloves with short sleeve shirt.  Well big mistake!  When putting more sugar water into the vertical feeder the little rascals found a separation between the end of my glove and the sleeve of my short sleeve shirt and crawled up between the glove and my skin and started stinging, think there were at least two.  As I was in the middle of the operation – I just brushed at the top of the glove and finished what I was doing.  After a few seconds it became unbearable so I stopped and directed smoke toward the rascals and pulled the glove up enough to see the bee and brushed him away with my left hand and glove.  Of course, his body went flying and the stinger remained – tried to flick it away with my glove finger to no avail so backed off the hive and removed left glove and picked away the stinger with my fingers from the right arm.  Dawned the gloves again and went back and finished assembling the hive.  Moved away and removed gloves and veil and saw where the stinger had been – a slightly red, bloody spot which continued to sting.   Went back home and placed ice on the spot and some alcohol and some hydrocortisone ointment and took a Benadryl capsule.  He got me under the arm between the elbow and shoulder, very sensitive spot on me.  It continued to swell and sting and I tried several insect bite stings spray and ice and etc.  And it is still somewhat swollen and itchy today (four days later) but getting better.  WILL not try that again, i.e. without full suit.  I used full suit today without any sting.  What is the recommended procedure for treating a bee sting?  Know to remove stinger with credit card or fingers without pressing and shooting more venom into bite, but what is best to do i.e.: ice first – cold water – what medication is recommended as best?  Have not read about any procedure for treating bee stings?????

 July 14, 2012

After several days of hard rain I inspected the Hebert Hive and put 1 gallon food in vertical feeder.  Looked at several frames in the upper medium before I removed to get at the vertical feeder in the second large super.  There was clear excellent looking honey on several of the frames in the upper super and lots of activity in this box.  The second large super also had lots of activity in it.  I did not inspect any of the frames in this second or lower box.  Think I should look at some frames in the lower, brood box soon???  There is not activity in the Shirley Hive.  Guess my next step is to order a batch of bees and a queen or wait for another swarm to appear in our locale. 


 Best Regards,

Jimmy Earl 

Editor’s Note: Mr. Jimmy Earl is a beginning beekeeper who shares his experiences to help aspiring beekeepers.


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