More Notes from a Beginning Beekeeper by Jimmy Earl Cooley

More Notes from a Beginning Beekeeper

By Jimmy Earl Cooley



July, 2012: Found the new makeshift box empty except for a few wanders looking inside for food. Disassembled the hive and reassembled using new purchased boxes and parts. 

 I assembled as follows:

Bottom base board

Varroa trap with drawer for 10 frame

10 inch hive body with frames and liquid feeder

Queen excluder 6in medium super with no frames

Inner cover

 Telescoping Cover

 As I understand, the entrance opening on the bottom board must be closed while the entrance opening on the Varroa trap should have an entrance reducer which allows bees to enter above screen into lower hive body.

 Did not put any sugar water in now.  Stayed around to observe the hive and noted several bees entering thru the trap entrance. Examining interior, I suppose.  I need to make a blank entrance to insert on bottom base board.  Will check on condition of hive in couple of days.  Please comment on this assembly.

 So i guess this means that i lost the swarm and the queen for some reason that i collected from Charles Shirley.  Too bad but i did not learn why i lost the swarm and what happened to it, perhaps it is out there in the woods looking for a home  and just maybe they may come back and take up in the new assembled hive but i guess not.

 Now to the holder hive:   It has a base, no Varroa trap, although i have one for this hive but not installed yet, a queen excluder, 6in medium super. An inner cover and cover.  I now added a third super (10in) with frames on top of the existing 6in medium super then the inner cover and the cover.  Should i have moved the queen excluder between the second and third boxes instead of leaving it between the first and second box?  Please reply.

 So I now have a working hive with three boxes and an empty hive with two boxes and no bees.

 Editor’s note: Mr. Jimmy Earl Cooley is a Louisiana Master Gardener who started beekeeping in 2012 with a swarm of captured bees.


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