Notes of a Beginning Beekeeper

Notes of a Beginning Beekeeper

by Jimmy Earl Cooley & Keith Hawkins

      Mr. Jimmy Earl Cooley recently acquired beekeeping equipment and, with the help of Mr. Richard Hebert, a local experienced beekeeper, placed a swarm of captured bees in his beehive.  Here are his early notes regarding his experience so far.

Notes from JEC Bee Book

 Received my box and suit from Mann Lake April 16th.

Richard Herbert installed bees in box on Wednesday, April 25th.

Added feed bottle on April 28th following a storm and heavy rain storm , felt sorry for bees.

Viewed, with top and inner cover off, every few days and added liquid water and sugar when needed.  Did not remove any frames but noted beeswax on some frames.

On May 17th, did a through inspection and took photos,  removed only 1-7 frames, 8, 9, 10 looked same as 6 and 7.  Did not locate queen.   Will send photos to Richard for his review and explanation as to how hive is progressing.  Did not receive a response from Richard. 

June 1, 2012, 9am, removed top, inner cover, and inside 10 frame size top feeder with super to expose top of 10 frame (9 5/8 inch) bottom super.  Bees very active and working.  Noted that the inner cover had been sealed to several of the frames – Comb and honey could be seen here.  What does this mean?  Assume material is overflowing from the frames 8, 9, and 10 which were basically full on May 17th.  Noted that now even frame 1 has comb on one side as was 2-through 5.  So now all 10 frames are being worked on.  So reached a decision if anything should be done.  One thought was to leave everything as is and take a chance that, now that all frames are being filled, they may decide that hive is filling up and start making new queen and pack bag to split off or reduce work and collection.  Another thought was to add a second super on top of the present one to give more space and frames to encourage more building.  Decided to add another super, put one shallow super, 10 frames (5 3/8 inch) on top of existing 10 frames (9 5/8) super.  Put a queen extruder between lower and new super to keep queen in lower box.  Then put inner cover on top of shallow super, then added the 10 frame size top feeder and then the top cover.

Top Cover

Top Feeder

Inner Cover

Shallow Super

Queen Extruder

Hive Body 10 X 9 5/8

Bottom Board 

                Hive Arrangement

Beekeepers, Appreciate if you please send me any comments or errors that I may have made.  I’m just a novice and learning.   JEC

 Mr. Jimmy is a member of the SW LA Beekeepers Association and is starting his first beehive. SW LA Beekeepers meets the first Monday of each month at 7 PM in the War Memorial Civic Center, 250 West 7th Street, DeRidder, LA. For more information, please call the LSU AgCenter at 337-463-7006.




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    Ricahrd Hebert said,

    Mr Jimmy looks like your bees are doing fine. Keep up the good work..

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